Fengyi Tan




Fengyi Tan is a womenswear brand based in London and Shanghai and founded by Fengyi Tan, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2015. Fengyi Tan’s graduate collection creates a unique aesthetic based on the interaction of space, movement and the body, capturing the ‘moment of movement’ through a process of creative collaboration and inspiration with contemporary dance choreography. The graduate collection received critical acclaim for its ‘startling impact’ and ‘experimentation with movement and elasticity’ (Vogue), and featured in other online publications such as Dazed and Dezeen.


Fengyi Tan’s new collection is the next stage in this concept of the body in movement, combining elegant geometric shapes with the potential for elascticity and lustre in fabric. Fengyi Tan seeks to create a unique aesthetic for modern and independent women by exploring new relationships between both the visual and performative arts and fashion.